The Beauty of Glass Awards/Trophies

The Beauty of Glass Awards/Trophies


Glass-Cornerstone-Corporate-Plaques2When you want to recognize someone with the most elegant and prestigious award, choose glass or crystal. Nothing says “congratulations, job well done” more than a custom etched glass employee recognition award. Choose from an award glass plaque, glass pillar, or one of dozens of shapes including diamonds, circles, and stars.

When it comes to glass and crystal, there are some notable differences between the two materials. Essentially, there are three types of glass used in the making of awards and gifts: glass, crystal and optic crystal.

Art-Glass-Award2Glass is the least expensive and least clear of the three materials. Made from silica sand, glass awards and gifts are commonly available in crystal clear glass and jade glass. Crystal clear glass is a high quality glass that is clear and closely resembles crystal.

Jade glass has a higher percentage of iron ore which gives it its characteristic green or bluish-green tint, something that is especially apparent when you view the edge of the glass. Both crystal clear and jade glass are very hard materials, although crystal clear is slightly softer. The major difference between the two is price; crystal clear is about double the price of jade glass.

If you’re going to give away glass crystal gifts and awards, you’re going to need to personalize these awards. The three methods currently used are sand carving, laser engraving and mechanical engraving. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and each provides a slightly different look. It all depends on what you’re looking for when it comes to choosing which method is best for you.

Glass and crystal awards and gifts have a certain appeal that no other product can match. It glistens and shines and radiate quality. Customers can select from high-end optical or lead crystal to lower-end glass products and, in either case, the award can look expensive and classy, especially after it’s personalized. Glass and crystal is something that appeals to many companies and is something you should consider awarding if you’re looking to increase employee recognition.

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