Team vs. Individual Recognition Awards

Team vs. Individual Recognition Awards

serviceBoth team and individual recognition is important in many areas, from the corporate world to sports teams, and many more. A triumphant group effort is something to be celebrated, as are the individual accomplishments of the members who worked together to make the success possible. Capitol Medals has all kinds of awards for any achievement, big or small, for both teams and individuals.

Team Awards

There are several ways to reward a winning team or successful business group. Large perpetual trophies are a great way to provide an incentive for high achievement with the team name displayed for all to see. Even better than getting something to bring home, all team members have the reward of bragging rights with proof for all to see until the next competition. This can be in conjunction with a smaller gift for each team member, or on its own to keep track of every team that has prevailed over the years. Great perpetual awards come in a range of styles from tall, fancy trophies to expansive plaques with plates for several years, as well as smaller possibilities too.

Individual Awards

A great way to encourage individual accomplishments is by rewarding singular successes and goals. In sports, these might include best team spirit, most improved, or MVP awards. Corporate possibilities could be things such as employee of the month or top sales performer. These types of individual recognition can help drive members to work or play harder, which ends up helping out the group as a whole in the final outcome. Rewarding personal successes throughout a season or project is a great motivator to do well and can increase morale as well. There are many kinds of awards that could be given out for singular awards, such as smaller plaques, trophies, or ribbons. There are endless choices to pick from when looking to reward an outstanding individual.

No matter what kind of award you are looking to give out, Capitol Medals has all the options to help you balance out team and individual recognition. Give us a call today to discuss what choices are best for your team.