Good Work On Display

Good Work On Display

Getting recognized for your hard work and achievements is a great feeling that you will want to share with the world, without being tacky or appear to be bragging. There are plenty of tasteful ways to display your successes and awards without being too ostentatious. Here are some simple tips to show off your accolades in a humble manner:

  • Place awards in an area that does not directly face visitors as soon as they walk in, so that they do not appear overbearing.
  • Choose only the most important awards to you, especially if you have a lot. Putting up too many can become tacky.
  • Avoid putting up awards from a previous employer, especially if it is a competitor of your current one. Hold off until you have some accolades at your new workplace.
  • A good rule of thumb; if it was significant enough to put on your resume, it is worth putting on display.
  • Nice frames can class up your office and awards display. Framing special articles, diplomas, or accreditations can also make them easy to hang on the wall and keep the desk and shelves clear of clutter.
  • In addition to awards and accolades, include other items representing important aspects of your personal life to stay humble and approachable, such as photos of your family, a globe if you like to travel, or memorabilia from a favorite sports team, for example.

Reasons to Display Awards

Displaying your achievements can have goals unrelated to showing off your accomplishments. Hanging up your degrees and school diploma can help you establish credibility by showing some of your qualifications. Any framed professional works can reinforce your professional image and motivate colleagues to work hard for similar successes. Make sure that what you put up is something others might aspire to achieve themselves.

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