Custom Name Badges

Custom Name Badges

name-badgeExpertly produced name badges, and name plates provide a professional and unified way of identifying employees and locations, and presenting special messages within your company. Give your employees personalized engraving plates and name badges that they will display with pride. For employees, a custom name badge is perfect for everyday wear or makes a great first impression at events where they will be meeting new people. Set your words in brass, silver or gold with engraved name plates that look classy on their desk or anywhere they want to show off these keepsakes.

The advantages and benefits of name badges are so numerous that it simply makes sense to use them on a regular basis.

A Professional Look

With your choice of shape, design and plate color, you can allow any name badge design to be suited to your brand and atmosphere. Your customers and business connections will take notice your attention to detail and the confident first impression that a name badge or name plate provides. Also, with your name and logo at the forefront of your professional interactions, you will give an important visual that makes your brand memorable and more personal.

More Personalized Service

Your brand is important, but your name serves as a personal connection that your clients and customers remember naturally. Name badges ensure that you and your team make the most out of your face-to-face interactions. In a business world that is constantly calling for personal service and accountability, name badges are a simple way to edge out the competition and keep your valuable customers coming back.

They provide a friendlier atmosphere since everyone has a name to go with the face. This is especially helpful in a business that employs large numbers of employees or has a large number of potential and current customers who frequent the business. Not only that but, name badges with first names only provide a sense of carefree comfort that allows people to relax and feel welcome. This, in turn, allows them to concentrate on why they are there.

Employee Satisfaction

Your employees work hard to earn their titles and accomplishments. Name badges provide a simple way to ensure that your employees’ professional or personal successes are valued and displayed with pride. Whether celebrating 5 years of service, proudly representing specific expertise or displaying a recent promotion, your employees will continue to strive for success with the added recognition that is part of your unique name badge program.

Name badges can identify a person’s position within the company instantly, allowing people to find the individual they need to talk with much easier.

Unify Your Team

Uniforms, dress-codes and service standards all provide an atmosphere that is unique to your business, but name badges unify your team while maintaining employee individuality. Essentially, like a name on the back of a sports jersey, name badges provide the recognition of individual efforts toward team goals. Name badges provide a sense of camaraderie and team unity that no other product can provide in a workplace.

Name badges and plates, ultimately, take away the anonymity that people have without them. They allow individuals to talk to people without the fear of calling them by the wrong name, which, in return, promotes communication within the teams.

These are only some of the benefits that nametags can provide. Once your business, group, or organization begins to use them, you will readily discover more benefits. All in all, employees will stand with confidence with personalized engraving plates and name badges. Allow Capitol Medals to be your source for your customized name badges and corporate awards needs. Contact us today to get your order started!